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Andrei Makarevich: Supernova Nothing happened in my life!

Musician Andrei Makarevich not really like to talk to reporters. His artistic consistency he prefers to speak but not to prove in fact. End of January, the idea Makarevich "Creole Tango Orchestra" will occur two days in a row in the Variety Theater. "Nothing in my life supernova happened - shared Makarevich with the correspondent" show business news ". - The work is in progress, we give a lot of concerts, as always, for the new year. Performances also "Creole Tango Orchestra" and the "Time Machine", plus a few other things in parallel with jazz playing in clubs. "After the musician Andrei Makarevich, the new route, but do not want to talk about it in words have." Songs heard - categorically stated Makarevich. - Come to a concert and hear everything. The new program will be the 26th and 27 January at the Variety Theater play for two days with a "Creole Tango Orchestra." You are welcome! "Reporter asked the actor, not a hard act on two consecutive days." On the contrary, it is much easier - insured Makarevich. - Because the second day is not necessary to configure anything. She came on stage - and everything is ready. "" Creole Tango Orchestra "by the musician," pattern ", which he imagined was created." Musicians in the "orchestra" played by Universal, the best we have in our country, because they are capable of almost anything to do. If the "machine" is no stylistic boundaries, for my second team "simply do not exist, - said Andrei Makarevich last.

Makarevich a solo performance presented by the book

Presentation of the joint project of Andrei Makarevich and Gosteleradiofond RF - playbacking man show "In the beginning was the sound" - is in the "Rhythm Blues Cafe" on 16 December. The game is an audio version of the book with the same name of the leader of "The Time Machine". Musician collected excerpts from popular at different times of the radio, songs, plays and songs. "One day my friend Vladimir Solovyov, read my book" The very sheep, "he told me that he was not enough of my voice in it, - says Mr. Makarevich -. Actually, do so with the idea of this work we found. collected and music and songs, of which the air was my childhood. And the books I have read in many ways it is.'s no coincidence that one of them is called "In the beginning was the sound." The sound of his many wonderful qualities has the rare ability to bring back memories. "Andrei Makarevich audiobook lasts 2 hours 46 minutes, the network is available audiostranitse on your site. Want to go to Intermedia, the ability of the free downloading and listening with the possibility for those who pay the royalties directly to the author with several payment systems on the project site. Beginning at 16:00 clock.

"Resurrection" and "The Time Machine" was hit on the street and corruption

Joint concert of the "Resurrection" and "The Time Machine" was born on 17 December in Crocus City Hall. The half an hour late in the show some good old rock fans managed to break the brake. "Come on, come on, come on!" - Bad voice roared the whole room a heated audience. "Hey-hey-hey - Frohlich said he left the stage Alexei Romanov and then suggested: - hitting rock and roll on the street and corruption." In the first song, "Resurrection," "Do your thing" guitar solo played with devotion, Andrei Makarevich, in a T-shirt and bright colors dressed prim melon. The performance was accompanied blurry video art, to distinguish where a particular picture was impossible. But Alexei Romanov has more on other things. "It's great that they came - you can hardly see," - he gave a spoonful of tar. Under the reggae version of "I'm glad," the image on the screen was pochetche: Now watercolor stains are formed abstract shapes. Musicians "Time Machine" in the phrase, "Resurrection" is mutually exchanged, appeared in full Musicians "Time Machine" in the phrase, "Resurrection" is replaced each other, appeared in full. Furthermore succeeded Alexander Kutikov available in two roles - a bassist and percussionist. In the "Look how I live," Eugene Margulis an expressive blues party was on guitar and Alex Romanov pulled long tones before full seditious words about drinking liquor with grass. To sing the line "Look how I live," Romanov suddenly sharpened goal song, "Makar child from Santa!" Ballad "I was dreaming," the second singer "Resurrection" Andrew Sapunova helped to sing his namesake Andrei Makarevich.

Andrey Makarevich will of the Board of Directors in channel

Leader of the "Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich can officially. The other day his appointment was proposed by the board of directors of the first channel. "MK" said a well-known rock musicians, that's true. - Yes, I have such an offer. - So are you willing to accept? - Prior approval I gave. - And what did you set conditions? Their rights and responsibilities? - While I do not know anything. Here's how to participate in it, so tell all and. All I know is that the board will meet twice a year. It hears the report of the Director General on the work done. And we, the members express their wishes, criticism, take a work plan for the next year or not to approve, adjust and pay completion. - And are you interested in? They are not there as a wedding there a general question? - I hope not, especially as the general does not even think that way. Still, in my opinion, the work is very demanding. So I'm willing to participate. Andrei Makarevich Recall that recently Andrei Makarevich a meeting between President Dmitry Medvedev with leading rock musicians of the country has taken, personally selected Makarevich.

Andrei Makarevich ended the "Tasty Movie"

Andrei Makarevich finished the book "Tasty movie." The author analyzed 50 Soviet films with culinary point of view: what, how and why to eat it. The book has already been printed, and on 23 May at Cinema Club "Eldar" his presentation planned. "It turned out, in my opinion, very funny - says Intermedia leader of the" Time Machine "- I understand why the release was delayed so long. The fact that illustrated the book with footage from old films, and these films . now not in very good condition so I had a very big, to work hard to get these shots look acceptable from the perspective of modern ideas about printing "Andrei Makarevich is not the only literary work Makarevich, is preparing to leave -. early spring, he wrote the story, and is now published, "The story a little -. I did not author the main forms When you publish in book form - it will not even book and brochure So now I think about. order in which they are located, it is what it costs. "Eve's apple." - I will not say, and you will be interested. "

Andrei Makarevich skis in the Alps

Andrei Makarevich unexpectedly for regular guests of the luxury hotel in a quiet, others at any time of the year except in winter French village of Courchevel, was among those on board planes has Moscow's airports, flew into the Alps to improve your skiing skills . As it turned out, not only Andrei V. amateur deep sea, but also a fan of mountain heights, he confirmed intelligently down the slopes, writes Lifeshowbiz. But sometimes it is given to him only with difficulty, because he went out on the track after wild parties at the restaurant "Le Manzhuar" where midnight competes chinnaya audience in art razdelyvaniya crabs for 300 euros, and after twelve, the same people who sent to climb on the tables to all my heart sing favorite Soviet artists, complaints from the speakers. Makarevich know this tradition is not obvious, so if all posryvalis from their seats at the singer, as they say, "Lost for Words". But his life quickly back a few shots of vodka and a cute brunette in a huge Pestsovaya cap that the singer was happy company. And in their company rock legend was so good that the issue, who do not want it to leave the restaurant without her crying beside expensive Bentley "Iraaaa where the IRA?"

Makarevich talk delicious film, and Derzhavin collect solo project

A new book by Andrei Makarevich "Tasty Movie" will be released in the spring. "I have a 55 classic Soviet films and analyzes them with a culinary point of view, said that how and why they ate and drank in the context," -. "Time Machine", the head of Intermedia said by summer wants Mr. Makarevich the 10th Anniversary of the brand, "Creole Tango Orchestra." In addition, he will make new movies about the underwater world - is broadcast channel TV-3. Group "The Time Machine" is not excluded that the group "The Time Machine" in the coming year to begin recording a new album. Or so it seems Kutikov bassist Alexander, intends to do and preparing for a new solo album. "I think that we will continue on a new album with the working" nuances. "And hope that we in the studio with a" "back. I already have the idea and the work piece and for me and for" Time Machine "Cars .. wait to see what colleagues say "Eugene Margulis in the new year is" to play with the Americans, "" Who, how, when -. As long as I do not want to say on the point, saying "more detailed plans announced keyboardist Andrew Derzhavin. In 2011, the screens some films and cartoons, for which he wrote the music. This is a picture of Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky "marry a millionaire" and the animated film "Treasure Hunt", "Adventure on the River" and "The Amazing Adventures of Homa." Directed by Mr. Alex Kotenochkin Derzhavin discussed possibilities of the new series "Just you wait!" To work. In addition, Andrew is going in parallel with the "time machine" to his solo program do the work.

Andrei Makarevich: I'm a bad father

This year, 57-year-old Andrei Makarevich several commemorative "twenties." First, 20 years ago, he was awarded the title of Merited Artist of the RSFSR. Second, he made his debut as a writer, publishing a collection of short stories. And third, began issuing a talented graphic artist. - Have done in your life that you are ashamed of? - No. But ... it was one thing, at the age of four - recognized "EC" singer. - We've been with my cousin Alex guests claimed, to show what we are children. And I suddenly farted loudly and immediately began to embarrass him. It was a very ugly thing, but it happened so spontaneously that I did not even have time to think, it happened all by itself. In 20 years, I had to apologize for it. - Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman? - Friendship - not a religion, why do you have to believe in them? Of course, sometimes it is the friendship between a man and a woman. Beautiful and sophisticated ladies, which is capable of male friendship. I have such a friend. This does not mean that I'm going to ask her advice, but I really nice to talk to them. - Why did you stop to run the "Smack"? - I just kept "Smack" 12 years - enough. Well, as you can! All of the program we had spontaneously. I've never written a text, not rehearsed. It all happened quite naturally, as is happening now Urgant Vanya. The program that we have, if you noticed, prepare guests, of course, if a person really can not do anything, I helped. Andrei Makarevich - Where wonderful program "Three Window" disappeared? - I have tried to connect the unconnected.

Andrei Makarevich sang a duet with Mikhail Gorbachev

The highlight of the anniversary of the legendary politician Mikhail Gorbachev was her appearance with the singer of "The Time Machine". - I'm glad that fate brought me to you, Mikhail - confessed his feelings for Gorbachev famous rockers. - You are a great man, an honor to be here and to sing along with you. It was not the first time the two heroes of our time on the same stage, writes Lifeshowbiz. Mikhail Gorbachev recognized by Andrei Makarevich a collection of seven songs, the only copy of it was sold at a charity auction for $ 164,940 dollars. English philanthropist and the transferred funds to treat children with blood cancer, progress.

"Time Machine" to place all their records online

All officially released recording of "The Time Machine" is "pay as you see fit." Now available for download on our website on a For "Cars," this experience - the first: the band always very nice to be third party rights, and the Internet itself, the area of piracy. Also, not long ago, Andrei Makarevich, a song on the internet wrote critically. Group "The Time Machine" is still "machine" all content on the network is placed officially and - the first resource with whom the band had decided to cooperate. "We are honored to be with such a legendary band like work" The Time Machine. "Finally fans the opportunity to express my gratitude to the musicians." - Said the founder of InterMedia resource Arkady Kulik

Alexander Kutikov released a live DVD

Alexander Kutikov released DVD of the concert and the presentation of his solo album, "Demons of Love", the presentation of Chekhov Art Theater. Bitter. "In addition to speech on 19 November 2009 record, while the Moscow Art Theatre, as bonus CD in every clip, which will include accompanying the concert, and the two famous video of Mr. Kutikova late 80s - early 90s on the song "Give Dream" and "Trojan Horse." Neither the one nor the other was never officially released, because only now the original artist, found restored and turned them on their first DVD, says Intermedia.

Makarevich sang sad and funny, "Love - Songs About Love"

Andrei Makarevich diverse skills. One of them - is not repeated. This time he did to Israel, a new live project "brought love -. Songs of Love" with three concerts in a row under one roof, prominent musicians trio marvelous jazz pianist Eugene Wrestler "Acappella Express" and leader of the "Moscow Ragtime Band» Konstantin Ghevondyan sounded. As a result, Old songs surprisingly fresh with new arrangements and artistry of the performers. steps as you can imagine, and with "Songs About Love" and continued Jazz Nat King Coyle «Love», Andrei Makarevich, in his black suit hat looked, finally as a solid jazz of New Orleans. But white for some reason. Andrei Makarevich looked in his black suit and hat, finally as a solid jazz from New Orleans lyrical songs in Russian English interspersed. Following "We agree on worldwide" was followed by What can I say, and after already pretty sad songs "Angel" and "He was older than her," Makarevich categorically stated, "Let me not fall.": "No more sad songs! After all, there are funny songs about love. "And he sang" Let Me Go "Makarevich categorically declared:." No more sad songs! After all, there are funny songs about love then Eugene fighters After an instrumental trio played jazz composition. The melody was so soft that the drummer Sergey Ostroumov concerned shock finger sticks instead. Eugene Wrestler conjured at the piano ... ... Andrei Makarevich swing ... ...

Makarevich heard songs in Hebrew

Israeli singer-songwriter Michael Goldovsky an album of songs in Hebrew Andrei Makarevich. Previously, Mr. Goldovsky already written in Hebrew songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, and now it is the turn of "Time Machine". Sam Andrey Makarevich performs in this work as a musician and sound producer. "I always thought that Vysotsky may sound in a different version in principle, even more so - in another language - says Intermedia leader of the" Time Machine. "- But the work Goldovsky me suddenly seemed convincing and if he an album with. record my songs offered - I thought it might be interesting, although it is too early to be talking about the result -.. will be ready to work, then we'll talk "yet Andrei Makarevich Neither title nor track listing Disc future known. The album is planned in Israel in the fall. The album will be released to the media in Russia - not decided yet.

Makarevich and Matsui joined the Council of Culture and Art

President Dmitry Medvedev approved the new composition of the Council for Culture and Arts under the President of Russian Federation, Andrei Makarevich, Vladimir Spivakov, artistic director of the choir Pyatnitsky Alexander Permyakova etc. Previous structure has been approved in March 2010. It has been expanded and updated by half: from the board were 10 people out, 22 people added. Among the outcasts - the film director Nikita Mikhalkov, composer David Tukhmanov, President "Peterhof" Vadim Banner, conductor Yuri Temirkanov, the director of the Russian State Library Victor Fedorov, Rector of the Moscow Institute of Architecture Dmitry Shvidkovsky and other prominent cultural life. The new Board of Culture and Art of the musicians were: - Velvet VA - theater director - Yuri Bashmet - violist, artistic director and principal conductor of the State Institution of Culture "State Symphony Orchestra" New Russia ", - V. Gergiev - Art Director - Director of Federal State Institute of Culture "The Mariinsky Theatre" - RA Emelyanov - Program Director of ZAO "Russian Radio-Eurasia" - AV Makarevich - composer, poet, musician - Matsuev DL - Pianist - Mechetina EV - Pianist - Permyakova AA - Art Director of the Land Institution of Culture "State Academic Russian Folk Choir MEPyatnitsky" - Spivakov VT - President of the National Institute of Culture of Moscow "Moscow International House of Music" - Vladimir Fedoseyev - artistic director and chief conductor of the State Institution of Culture "at the State Academic Symphony Orchestra Tchaikovsky "- Mikhail Khokhlov -". Moscow School of Music School (College) Gnesin "Director of the State Budget of the educational institutions of secondary vocational education in Moscow

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Andrei Makarevich acted in "good purchase"

The premiere of the documentary "Taymashin. Birth of Time" was in the Cinema House on 28 January. Written and directed by band directed Maxim Kapitanovsky, former drummer of "The Time Machine" was. Before the demonstration, a concert with the participation of veterans of the national rock music -. The group "Alibi", "Second Wind" (with Kapitanovskim on drums) and "The successful acquisition" It consists of the Leader "Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich is expecting her set the following entry: "In 1971-72, I was jealous "they are of" get terrible envy. They were arrogant, beautiful, played much the same as it is now ... And if we do not yet know how to do that, it was just a great desire. So it is I am honored to now play with white. "supergroup unveiled a pair of rock 'n' roll standards, plenty of long instrumental deposits. After that, the film. "Taymashin. Birth of the era" begins with the story of a published interim banned list of rock bands, in the Soviet Union in 1983. Among the "Julio Eglesiasov" and "Hey DJ si si" it seems a certain group of "Taymashin" unnoticed in the Western rock encyclopedias. Kapitanovsky needs to figure out how to travel to a temporary document "Time Machine", taken at this time in full officially the country, and at the same time tells the story of the birth of rock music in the Soviet Union. Interesting topic? New? Nezataskannaya? The film is easy to blame the use of nostalgic feelings, but it's - if you try to limit his long stay in the legendary band.

Eugene Margulis played for those who have not gone Kirkorov

To create a May Day workers' attitudes toward Israel Eugene Margulis came with three concerts in Haifa, Be'er Sheva and Ramat Gan. This is not the first touring car musicians in Israel, where he remembered and loved. Not surprisingly, the concerts were in a warm and friendly atmosphere of the communication from old friends instead. Not surprisingly, the concerts were in a warm and friendly atmosphere of old friends Haifa communications Premier Concert Eugene began with a compliment to the public, who came to him, not to Philip Kirkorov, who was by chance, the same evening, a concert in Haifa . "How, Kirkorov in Haifa?" - Surprised some in the audience. "Yes, and you can still have time", - said Eugene. Nobody has disappeared. Margulis began shock "I kept looking for corn in the shit" - "over alcohol", as he put it. Immediately after singing "about girls" - "Meridzheynimerienn." Immediately after singing "about girls" - "Meridzheynimerienn" Margulis very comfortable: wild and naughty during the concert. After the first few lines of "Good-bye, my friend!" he stopped, and with reproach in his voice: "In some cultural cities such as Ryazan, would have applauded at this point." Hall applauded. "And it struck" - Eugene with satisfaction and continued the song. As expected, performing "Old Songs", "Sakura sake katana", "40 years." There was all the old hits praising his drummer, said Margulis audiences harrowing story from his childhood: As a child he wanted to be was a drummer, but it was another confession ...

"Time Machine" has seized a pirate 2.5 million rubles

The group "The Time Machine" won the biggest victory over audiopiratami in his more than 40-year history. The Arbitration Court of the Republic of Tatarstan ruled recognition TV "TVT" in violation of the exclusive rights and collected by her two and a half million rubles. It all started with the fact that our lawyers TatYurInform "represents the interests of the" Time Machine "in Tatarstan, find online TV audio set" MB "and other groups." Loco confirmed "that does not not have the permission to publish are allowed, then "TatYurInform" decided to go to court trial often postponed for various reasons, but last week, the court held -. '. "-, Sound producer, a bass player, one of the singer and songwriter" Cars MV "and ended unconditional victory here, as commented CEO Sintez Records released records is" Time Machine "Alexander Kutikov:" We are very sensitive to observe copyrights, carefully strangers and want our own hurt. Meanwhile, our country has in recent years may be a field of nihilism on the part of the copyright and be, and was ever thus. Only 30-35 years, we have robbed the Soviet regime, and now we can say, the initiative for the masses. And there is no real desire to fight pirates before the state. So I am glad that in the Republic of Tatarstan, which we love, we are constantly in his concerts (and Andrei Makarevich is held every year in their festival "Creation of the World"), am, was hit so high, not typical of the country as a whole, the legal culture.

Andrei Makarevich released "Eve's apple"

Composer, painter, poet and writer Andrei Makarevich has published another book. New book guides the "Time Machine", "Eve's apple" with "Eksmo" published. This is a short story in it. Several lines, including it's for men and women 25th August Andrey Makarevich is his new book bookstore in Moscow to present the "Biblio-Globus".

New experiment Andrei Makarevich. Premiered

If twenty years ago, the name Andrei Makarevich was firmly associated with the rock band "The Time Machine", but now he's known as an author and the host of several popular television shows. In the field of music, he successfully the author made known solo projects "Creole Tango Orchestra" and "Jazz transformation" of the last decades of the local rock masterpiece Andrei Makarevich had time to prove themselves professionally as a presenter and businessman, artist and designers, musicians and a diver. As soon as possible, all the areas in which it has successfully recall talented. Now, a new musical project, which has already become deservedly popular -. "LOVE - Songs of Love," which will be written out of love songs by different authors at different times The project sound compositions performed, both in Russian and in English. End of September, Andrei Makarevich performed successfully with a new project in Israel. Related to Israel and the latter to time, is not an ordinary job Andrew. Back in August of this year released a music portal the news that the joint work of Moscow Andrei Makarevich and famous Israeli singer-songwriter Michael Goldovsky is on a new album. This album is saundprodyusserom Makarevich and musicians and Goldovsky Makarevich performs songs in Hebrew translation. The inclusion of the disc is more work, this is planned in Israel in September, next year. But the authors of the album were kind enough to provide users with a music portal, ability to listen and evaluate offer their collaboration - a duet version of the famous song by Andrei Makarevich "He was older than her."

"Time Machine" will take the stage for six months to

The group "The Time Machine" has announced that she would not play in the first half of this year. Team will make an exception to the previously announced appearances in Crocus City Hall (March 23, along with a group of "Resurrection") and Yaroslavl (29 March), according to Intermedia.

BG tried to write with the guitarist of Blur and Gorillaz. But nothing happened

Even after numerous interviews, left a lot of questions to Boris Grebenshikov, the answers to which are not interested in the Moscow journalist - she had to ask. BG answered questions website. - You have decided to take up in London for the best technically sound or not for Petersburg atmosphere? BG: And then, and much more. Important - that was the "Odyssey" record. In London, in addition to the technical process of writing there were still many things that would not otherwise have occurred. Moon, Samhain, and all are different. This influences the writing is strong enough, and provided a solid album. I was clearly in the night to St James' Park in the moonlight, and more. c - London is that you can play and acoustics and power - and what sounds like the most? When the shooting started - wanted some of these options, or something else to achieve? BG: I knew immediately that the sound is closer to that - that I have in my head. And then the sound - not electric, acoustic, and not "real." - Requires that it will be a collection of musicians from around the world, including the come "to look", as it was with the navigator and the Snow Lion? BG: How do these songs were arranged and played by the aquarium, that's what I did. It was immediately clear that. The "African" songs that we try African bassist (Hilaire) He was held in Paris. We have other artists (such as Ramey Kabaku of "Gorillaz" tried, but he was ukuren so get personally never to share "collapsed" in We wrote a few hours of a new Blur ovskogo guitarist, but does not really work -. not enough time).

Andrei Makarevich gathered all the prose

A new book by Andrei Makarevich "All prose." This re-released in a single volume three of his previous prose - "The mere sheep," and "In the beginning was the sound," "Eve's apple." The leader of the "Time Machine" preparing another book, where he acted as an artist, says Intermedia. "Probably going to come a very limited edition - but I'm waiting for his release - said Andrey Makarevich -. This verse Michael Gendeleva with my graphics card We were good friends with Mischa, and regret that he left us too soon I.. think he -. the great poet and very excellent, in contrast to Brodsky I very much hope that, maybe with my graphics card in this book brings his poetry some people that the existence of these verses simply not aware, and deserves these poems. . "Andrei Makarevich made further work Makarevich-artist is a series of works in the creative alliance with Israeli Alexander Galitsky" to be known, Sasha Galitsky - delicious, very strange, very clear, no one like Israeli artist We know little of him I am.. advise you to go on facebook, there had side, and he's always hanging the pictures. He and I are friends for a long time, and I wanted to write something for four hands. Turns out fun, we had fun from the heart. It is very difficult to describe in words what happened, but ... This is a series of images with texts. it is a Mexican folk art that is as "retablos." This image is a typically domestic situation with a verbal description and with thanksgiving to the Lord at the end, that all went well.

"Aquarium" hopes to have time to get the "Zoom Zoom Zoom" print before the presentation of the album

Director of the 'Aquarium' Maxim country said that he currently has with the talks about "selling album" and "preparation of contracts." Has no formal agreement on the question of the panel had been signed, and the alleged publisher announced. However, Mr. landing safely, concerts in Chekhov Art Theater. Chekhov on April 14 to 15 will be "Zoom Zoom Zoom 'In time to sign all necessary documents and printed products. - Allowing viewers to be able to fresh concert album" the presentation of the new. Getting aquarium "Recall, as a Group of finished work 'aquarium' on the new album "Zoom Zoom Zoom '. In preparing the record hardball undergo metamorphosis. First, we plan another album (titled 'Speaker') to publish, but in the summer of last year together team leader Boris Grebenshikov several new songs, and then decided to "speaker" to postpone indefinitely. The new songs were recorded in London, and at the end of last year, 'Aquarium' time to drive the future of the program in a concert presented at the Moscow International House of Music. The program was called "Tramontana", and it was assumed that this is also known for the album. However, if the board has not appeared: After a visit to India BG wanted some options in the London studio to rewrite in St. Petersburg, and announced the final name of the disc. 16 newborns songs BG brought to Russia and musicians showed "Aquarium", after which it was decided to take them on. Recording demos took place in St. Petersburg Studio.

"Aquarium" remedies, dietary supplements and new editions

In September, a group of "Aquarium" expects replenished album "Songs" enter BG and "Dream of something bigger." In August you can with a corrected version of the book re Grebenshchikovsky Choekyi Nyima "Guide to Life and Death." While neivestna date but will surely be reprinted translation for "Katha Upanishad". And of his own books BG not forget. Also plans to reissue the novel by Boris Grebenshikov "John and Daniel." A concert season of "Aquarium" is finished.

C 22 May will be aired Boris Grebenshikov "Radio Russia"

Boris Grebenshikov told reporters on a tour of Irkutsk, the 22d of May commencement program to author "balloon" to "Radio Russia" lead that do not introduce the listener to the alternative of Western and Russian music in FM format. "I'll try to make the audience familiar with Russian music late 80s early 90s of the last century, the music penetrates through the cracks, - said Boris Grebenshikov - for example with the compositions of the Yankees," civil defense "According to him. The air is introduced and unknown young bands from different cities. "Radio Russia" will work on the wire broadcasting, and it is to hear a little known music of the late 20th century, even for people without access to FM radio. remember that the allocation of broadcast BG was one of the results of the meeting of the leading Russian rock musician with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Surkov.

Boris Grebenshikov makes short albums. The Russians have no money to discs

Stopped at the weekend in Kiev Boris Grebenshikov and "Aquarium" to "personally" present their new album "Zoom Zoom Zoom" and a lot of game for the fans. Speech was by a press conference by BG, a bright, sunny day was in the darkness of the hold of the former barges arranged under a floating café ahead at Pier boardwalk. Grebenshikov up for the meeting on time, and can be seen, suggesting that his humble personality is much more interesting than the current members of the "Aquarium". From the lips of the Master could not wait really, revelations as to why he be taken out of the Russian authorities, "Order of Merit" that he think of his policies and where are the album "speaker", the zoom at the same time with the "zoom zoom "but then added mysteriously disappeared. With a beaming smile guru BG interlocutor waved quietly and smoothly relax saw take ducked to artificially frozen face. Sympathetic spoke more convincing: "It can not be so formal, can move easily." Atmosphere a little warmer, but the desired effect, had no appeal: insisted stiffness questions respectfully hushed voice. Acoustics ruthlessly suppressed all the sounds and journalists, not only dared not complain, but his penchant for self-sacrifice, went even further - if Grebenshikov wrongly assumed that the communication without a microphone creates more intimate mood, happy to support him.

Published a tribute to Mike Naumenko "north county town 20 years later"

Released a tribute to the songs of Mike Naumenko, whose list of artists involved in the project is impressive. Suffice it to say that the songs sung Mike Boris Grebenshikov, Siskin, Oleg Garkusha, "psyche", "brick" and other stars. Okay, well, too funny and cool that Tropillo published this tribute. It is good that people write (musicians, music lovers and everyone else), how interesting in recent years, Songs Mike Naumenko, George Gunitskii in Many of the bands that sound on this album, also recorded as a tribute to "The Living Mayakovsky." We know that in the future, the second volume of songs based on poems by Mayakovsky be published, it is possible that something similar happen maaykovskih with the covers of the title song. However, in this tribyutny collection includes many topics, published in recent years. This "Suburban Blues" by Rybin, "Blues thy rivers" - BG "salons" - Oleg Garkusha, "Call me in the early morning hours." - Yevgeny Fyodorov, "Morning Two" - Siskin Older versions now, in 2005, there is no need to comment. Mike's Song - a classic, well-known classics to doubt that a long time ago is no longer necessary, so they sing, sing, sing, and of course musicians of different generations. Natural process. There are also variations on the theme maykovskih songs performed and recorded "crematorium", "naive", Dibrova, and the list goes on. In tribute, recently published many successful versions maykovskoy classics, the most powerful figure, it seems to me, is "in the provincial town north", full of "Mata Hari".

BG submitted sexy song from the upcoming album

While Boris is firmly in third place in the charts with "glass" in the air "Nashe Radio" breaks another song from the upcoming album "Aquarium". The name of the title, that is not utter without the 100 gram can. Not for nothing apparently first Grebenshikov audience composition "spectacle." So presented, the song "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi" in updates sounded "Nashe Radio". Despite the French name, it is sung in Russian. Moulin Rouge "and the well-known film called" The song is based on a French phrase that are based in fact from the movie "" Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, "but there are other girls enter the spectators, and we have song about a little different, but the same words, "- said Boris. By the way, translates to the French term "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi" as "Do you want to lie down next to me." Composition safe in the new album "The History of the aquarium. Come The fifth volume. Speaker."

At the concert, scattered "Aquarium" the hundred-dollar bills. Many bills

The Kiev speech Boris Grebenshikov and "Aquarium" to create mystical things. Before the concert, there was suddenly a bald man with glasses, dressed in a white robe. Tourist distributed neatly carpet in the middle of the foyer of the palace "Ukraine" and then took the pose of "Lotus" and rhythmically swaying, was muttering something under his breath. Beside him, he laid a thick stack of hryvnia, and in his hands he held another impressive size of a pack of dollars. Not abort for a moment, the man then counted regularly saw the money. Around the original was immediately a crowd of onlookers. No one doubts that this is a spectacular course director Boris Grebenshikov. Quite unexpectedly, a man and inefficient movement was raised the money. Currently literally fell $ 100 bills. Stunned the audience surprised froze, and then quickly began to collect money from the soil. Someone shouted, "Do not give to provocation, it is" Candid Camera "." But the prospect of televised mocked few people fear. As a result, most agile, was among those that a special correspondent for "Boulevard Gordon" could "earn" up to $ 800. While viewers shoveling bills, the stranger standing in front of a white cast ticket on BG, and ran into the street.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Aquarium" collected his regular reggae songs in a separate collection

At the request of the studio "Union" Aquarium is preparing a collection of "Aquarium. Reggae" who will appear in July. This compilation is collected the most "right", as the official website of "Aquarium", reggae song Aquarium and - for the first time on CD - ". Words Rastafari" By the end of the season was the "Aquarium" two shows (note the time): 1.07 - Moscow, "B2", 23-30 2.07 - Moscow, "B2", 22-30

MTV legend Boris Grebenshikov: "We hope to help the people, the Kremlin!"

It all started with a legend. "The Legend MTV" was Boris Grebenshikov. Why did he become a legend is MTV, it's not cool for the long clips, tried a variety of other channels to explain. And all mixed in a house Oblonskys. Actually Konstantin Ernst spoke at the MTV ceremony RMA'05 exciting details. And BG, and about himself, it turns out that introduced him Grebenshikov Russian rock music in general because of his youth Ernst Russian rock music, and it did not count. Then the next biggest media mogul Russia discovered the genre of "home" with BG then -.. drunk for the first time, and also with Boris Grebenshikov It is also smoked marijuana with Ernst Grebenshikov first then not recognize the humble little blade Boris Borisovich "God, from whom comes charisma? "was already impossible. Ernst had knelt in front of BG. And gave him a doll MTV. One can only wonder what happened to the top of the TV version of the ceremony, but the word is not a sparrow, love of evil, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. spoken with BG before MTV RMA'05. We talk about the TV show "clearance", which kicks off areas on the channel "Russia" on October 1 and is talented people in various To see the art -.. There is talk that the project that you are dare to Dmitry Dibrova related directly to the infamous meeting of the musicians with the deputy head of presidential administration, Vladislav Surkov confirm or refute these talks -. You have no direct relationship.

In "Aquarium" was bassist Andrew Svetlova

The group "Aquarium" has changed. Employees of bassist Andrew Svetlov. He was second at the concert at the Moscow Art Theatre on November performed. Here he writes about Andrey Svetlov was playing in Riga where he began guitar, the bass was born. Not go into the army, "fled" in St. Petersburg, in the Music School. Mussorgsky and almost two years later he went to Paris, where she has lived for 15 years. Thus, in Russia its name, if known, is a small group of musicians. French stage we know is bad, useless French names refer. ... What is this bass is? Bassist - simply stunning when the old tired of the word "awesome" to see his point. Stunning and as an accompanist and as a soloist. But shakes Andrew Svetlov not flashy technology demonstration tool ownership and calmly flowing from beginning to human thought hearted, and open-hearted climax. In his playing constantly in motion. He is always in rhythm. He is cautious, then rises quickly, then deftly dodges, then shoots. His bass is dry, extremely accurate and energy, and energy is not overwhelming, but rather encouraging and inspiring. The archives read rave reviews about how the different groups Andrey Svetlov played at jazz festivals and clubs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Andrey Svetlov played in a quartet of instrumentalists, in France under the name "Sputnik" and a sign of the St. Petersburg public in the "Senses", which is performed at the Peter and Paul Jazz Festival in 2003 to attend known.

Boris Rubekin crashed. Concert "Aquarium" canceled

Keyboardist "Aquarium" Boris Rubekin 24th November was in a car accident. He is currently in the hospital, and he had to move a complicated surgery. There is no danger to life. For this reason, the concert of "Aquarium" for the 2nd Scheduled in December to CDK MAI, has been canceled. Tickets are non-refundable in cash CDK 2nd May . December 2005, or "Mai Tour Service" (CDK MAI, 3rd Floor, Suite 306) 5-8 December 2005, it is planned for December concerts - will be clear in a few days if it is carried out from the operation and obtaining the opinion of doctors.

CDK May cut a poor figure again. "Aquarium" Back in the USSR

Four hours before the start of the concert on Friday, 2 December arrived in the capital, DK May Soundcheck (Soundcheck, setting the device) cult Petersburg group "Aquarium". Only then Boris Grebenshchikov announced that his concerts in connection with the preparation of the elections on 4 Canceled December. While the bewildered musicians to come especially for performances at this point, to Moscow trying to figure out what happened - and their concerts - DC began to catch up first audience. When he told the Strany.Ru Boris Grebenshikov, "canceled concert because DK May no power." Said fans of "Aquarium" at the entrance - Boris, what really happened? - I do not know, because I am so no one has explained. We were told that a representative of the Northern District prefecture canceled the concert because the people go to the polls Sunday. At the same time the audience that the hall is no electricity. But it is there, because the band was close to DC and saw that it was lighted window. I do not understand how you can lie to people. In addition, since we are warned not, it turns out that the group. Only three days in Moscow, although we have come primarily to play these shows It is good that we are second in a position to move the concerts in DK Gorbunova, so for tickets Bought December, people can come thirds were. (The concert was held on December 3 at DK Gorbunova) - Do you have a suggestion, why cancel the show?

Called the new album "Aquarium" is "Careless Russian bradyagga"

Concert presentation of the album "Careless Russian bradyagga" group "Aquarium" on 6th and 7 April in the Chekhov Art Theater instead. Bitter 8th, April - at "B-2" and the 10th - In the Concert Hall "October" (St. Petersburg). Append a record and a date for the release, the team has made changes in the plans, and live performances. Boris Grebenshikov and Co. announced canceled concert in GCD May 25, instead of it. Immediately following the release of two concerts at the Moscow Art Theatre "The fact that we play on the stage, and the fact that we are playing in the studio - not the same thing - said BG -.'s On the album there are a few things that we do not in principle on the play on. stage they have no sense. "However, the new products just sound" glass "," Vu Le Vu Kush avec moi "," Careless Russian bradyagga "and" Mama, I can not drink. " Presumably, the new album "Careless Russian bradyagga" is on 5 April will be published. It included 14 songs and five bonus tracks: Ten new songs recorded at the concert seven. Of 29 March to 30 June is "aquarium", a concert tour to promote the album (his schedule to be announced). "Five years ago" Aquarium "is good, but still predictable albums - what is popularly known as the" mainstream "- believe musicians -. But it can be much more full-blooded order." Bradyagge "" Aquarium "is open to experimentation without reference to the genres and styles. So there is, and Celtic melodies and electronics, and. a quirky sense of humor and all the things they've always loved, but for various reasons not always played "

Boris Grebenshikov: "preved" - that's brilliant! "

Boris gave fans of his work with an additional track - ". Careless Russian tramp" The same will be called and the new record, for release on the 5th April is planned. By the way, writing the title of the album was a funny story. On the cover of the CD is "Careless Russian tramp", and the program can be written there - ". Careless Russian bradyagga" "Those who know the Internet, heard the story with the word" preved. "And we were so fascinated that we are ready, all were to rewrite this way Then we realized that we've gone a considerable part of the population of this album, fear -. Shares his thoughts Boris -. It's the culture, it is something that and against the culture. And that, I think it's part of the culture of the time. And most fights. culture is not something that was dead and covered with mold, and the fact that the living now . a pleasure now I think, therefore, that "BRADYAGGA" - is only culture it is very short, it takes three to four months, then come up with a new joke But "preved" -.... that's brilliant! ". Russian song about a carefree vagabond anxious to hear the presentation of the plate in the Chekhov Art Theater. Gorky. "This is the heart of the album, is a confession that the new Russian folk song - believes Grebenshikov -. It is a new Russian song, the old Russian songs without exception are sad, they are heart aches from the unfulfilled longing for something that .. . How was life. Life appears as a trickle of water from a broken pitcher, and then all the way around, my heart cries out with joy, life is good. " "Five years ago" Aquarium "is very good, but still predictable albums - what is popularly known as the". Mainstream "

"Aquarium" canceled tour in Israel

The "Aquarium" canceled appearances in Israel, "reasons beyond control of nature," says the official website. The musicians did not disclose the reason of force majeure, but they have the resumption of negotiations on the tour. We give a formal statement of "Aquarium" on this issue. "As previously announced, the group Aquarium is planned concerts in Israel, for the middle of March, not take place for reasons beyond control of nature. Indeed, in December, after negotiations with the company Rest International (Marina Axelrod) was a joint decision to . to hold concerts March, however, as it turned out later, the decision was a bit premature could assigned new dates for concerts, to be about - the middle of May .. Please note that the final decision on this issue will be made in March On it will be announced. official website. Please refrain from purchasing tickets before then. again to all those who are hurting in any way to excuse the situation. "

Spiritual people - special people. "Easy Russian tramp" art theater

Academic Hall, softly lit snowflakes, chandeliers. Scene, lost in the shadows. On stage, people, places, fragrant sticks and hung on racks microphones Dreamcatcher and purple braided whip-bells. Thus began the presentation of the new album of Moscow "Easy Russian Tramp" and the new concert program "Easy Russian Bradyagga" group "Aquarium". Sitting Room Theatre, Gorky Recently, various representatives on its stage the modern stage. But perhaps it is in the case of BG, the choice of the concert stage was acquitted. Since the new concert program, with the exception of the "glass" and a few tracks, is of those songs that should be listened to carefully, in a relaxed atmosphere in the dim light of candles and a glass of mulled wine in hand together. Songs quiet, smart, with deep philosophical texts. Songs so familiar, all connoisseurs and fans of "Aquarium". CD called "Easy Russian Rogue" was released on the eve of the Moscow presentation. At a press conference dedicated to the event, Boris said he did not know exactly which songs from the new album will be performed live. But rest assured the other that only seven or eight songs qualify for this honor, will not run at all the same electronic tracks. Moscow before the presentation of the "Aquarium" slightly polished new program, so that. Several concerts in other cities And Mchat public were represented almost two-thirds of the new album.

In "Aquarium", it seems, a new album

Cautious of the information on the official website of "Aquarium" written leads to the conclusion that in April the group "Aquarium" is to present his new album. Most likely they will be the album that once known as the "speaker". April 6-7 in the Chekhov Art Theater. Bitter is "Premiere", 8 April in the B-2 - "premier club", and 10 April - "premiere in St. Petersburg" a certain album. "What is the prime minister - the source can not say, because the information does not exist" - is a fascinating site. News Contact Music Director Maxim country, but he declined to comment until his return to Russia. By the way, a new biography of the new bass player of "Aquarium", which came to the group last fall looks now like this: Android is the fifth generation. Factory 26/06/1967 stuffed animals ("Red Lachplesis") was created in the city of Riga. In 1990m, was modified in order to work in Paris. He played with groups Senses, Khaled, Biuna, "No Address", Ilene Barnes, Excetera. In 2000, he successfully completed the task, the Moroccan branch of the Sufi community (Gnawa), for which he was awarded the right to play on their traditional instrument guembri (hajadj) introduce. Has no bad habits / all bad habits. Omnivores. End of quote.

"Aquarium" is a new album and a new concert program

Known publisher of the new album "Careless Russian bradyagga" group "Aquarium" was. The plate in the first days of April, the company will be "The Mystery of Sound". The label hopes to catch the concert presentation of "Careless Russian BrAdyagga." Tracks on the album - 14 main + 5 bonus tracks. Concert tour in support of the album from 29 March 2006 to 30 Premieres in June 2006 in Moscow, on 6 and 7 April to take place in the Chekhov Art Theater. Bitter 8th, April - the club B2. 10 -: In St. Petersburg, "October." April Concert Hall Theater "Aquarium" lists seven new songs, including "glass", "Woo Woo Kush Avec le Moi", "Careless Russian Bradyagga", "Mom, I can not drink any more." Besides listening to songs from the new album and well-known song "Aquarium", "Adelaide", "sitting on a beautiful hill", "schedule", and many others. Moreover, as the history of al Boris Grebenshikov: "Yesterday songs are in today." BG: First of all - this is an album that aquarium longest done - 2 years. Secondly - finally we have to do, what we really need to do - play music that we like. Last five years aquarium is very good, but still predictable albums - what is popularly called, but these "mainstream." - A much more full-bodied. This album - the first signs of what we really are, and what we are like. Here we play estestenan o We can experiment easily and freely without any limits.

"Mom, I can not drink," went on the air

BG and "Aquarium" on "Nashe Radio" presented a new song: "Mom, I can not drink," from the album "Careless Russian tramp." ". Maybe this work is the film will be shot in response to the song" Mama, I can not drink any more, "a strong, because the Russian people feel in these words something native," - says Grebenshikov. Recall that the first character from the album "Careless Russian tramp" on air "Nashe Radio" was the track "Glass".

Boris Grebenshikov recovered

Group "Aquarium" is officially gone for the holidays, with the terrible state of health of Boris Grebenshikov. Not long ago, he underwent eye surgery, and now BG is in recovery from it. Boris health is on the mend, according to the official website. Ahead of the iconic musician - a series of tests and treatment in a sanatorium. Business and creative activities is the beginning of September (- since early November gigs - maybe) will be resumed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Aquarium" canceled the upcoming gigs. The operation was successful BG

Concert of "Aquarium", the 6th during the festival "Island of light" in the "Hermitage" Garden on July canceled planned. As I said, Intermedia director of "Aquarium" Maxim country "reason for cancellation of the event -.. In need of emergency surgery in one of the two eyes of Boris Grebenshikov The surgery took place on June 28 at about 12.00 clock" Mr. country appealed to all those who care about the fate of the artist, with a request ", a play of light and good energy Boris send during the operation." In addition to performances in the garden of "Hermitage", is also concerts "aquarium" in Tver (July 1-2) and St. Petersburg, the Leningrad City Council be canceled DC (July 5). According to doctors, the operation was successful, according to plan. Ahead - the recovery phase.

"Easy Russian Tramp" mixed themes and motifs

When, after the presentation of the new album "Aquarium" was, I did not just stop visiting, "Why I love the creativity of BG" .. I have many years to listen to his music, I think of poems by Boris Borisovich . "The only thing that is not in our genes - is the ability to think in an original way," Georgy Alexandrov can not say that I'm a fan or a big fan of his work, which never misses a concert - and each of his new work does not cease to surprise me with their originality, uniqueness and depth. And that's what I like "Aquarium" - for the fact that with every new album that he is one step ahead of their peers and musicians. No, the "forward" - not a word. He takes a step into another level, in another dimension ... And with that in mind I went to the club "Duma," which struck me as your living comfort and a relaxed atmosphere - this is the place where you can listen to music, do not listen ... and began to play ... Three dozen journalists, a few speakers, large screen that showed the video - all these things were from the track, they just disappeared. And also thought about why none of the musicians are not available, and the record will disappear by itself. All the experiences and emotions it took - Music ...... Surprise, breaking into a pleasure. It is these feelings aroused, the six tracks that were heard from with journalists before the press conference. Surprise - because the last album "Aquarium" - is so new and original music, the sound, the arrangements, the head stopped spinning the idea - "Before they do not."

"Aquarium" presents "Book of Songs BG" three concerts

8.9 and 10 November in the Concert Hall of the "WORLD" of the legendary group "Aquarium". In concert, presenting a unique edition of "The Book of Songs BG". This spring, published the "aquarium" an experimental album "Easy Russian Tramp." The album enjoyed great popularity. The disc has received good reviews, even from those who were "aquarium" not heard before principle. Many songs on this CD is in the short-circuit "MIR" expected. Also note. BG hits and rarities from different years Surprises are inevitable. In 2006, the group "Aquarium" celebrates his 35th Birthday. However, the "dinosaurs" classify idea of Boris Grebenshikov impossible: is a group of "first-guru" of Russian rock still in an endless stream of creative growth. Of the 500 songs written during the existence of at least one third many times have been immortalized in two dozen compilations and anthologies. But they were able to show,. In accordance with the taste of the author, only to look at the verbal multidimensional weaving patterns, images and philosophical concepts and spiritual sketches "The Book of Songs BG" - the first truly complete anthology Boris Grebenshikov, including the most extensive collection of his poems published in Russia ever. The road to this point took almost more time than the biography of the "Aquarium", but now the grizzled regulars first "home" groups finally say with a heavy heart: "This is - this is what we been waiting for"

"Aquarium" recovers after surgery BG

The "Aquarium" returns benefits after a long pause, live related rehabilitation after eye surgery group leader Boris Grebenshchikov. The operation was successful, but doctors ordered Boris carry significant physical activity. So the summer "Aquarium" survived without gigs. Several concerts were forcibly removed. But now, after the official website of "Aquarium", a tour of "Careless Russian Tramp" CVs and the first concert on 20 October will be played in Yaroslavl. A full schedule of the tour: 20.10 - Yaroslavl, "Art Cafe", Kirova, 12 22.10 - Kostroma, KZ "provincial" 24.10 - Ivanovo, DC "Ivteks" 26.10 - carpets, DC "Contemporary" 27.10 - Moore, SC "1100 years of Murom" 29.10 - Tver 01.11 - St. Petersburg, Leningrad City Council DK 02.11 - St. Petersburg, Leningrad City Council DK 08.11 - Moscow, "Mir" 09.11 Moscow - in the same place at the same time 10.11 - Moscow, at the same time a 12.11 - 13.11 Krasnodar - Rostov-on-Don

BG nude daughter to star in the film

This summer, Alice Grebenshikov was a three-week Acting course at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Very soon - in October and November of this year - is on the wide screen film "Vanya," in which Alice put naked to be released. - Here I first posed nude - Alice confesses Grebenshchikov. - And I liked the atmosphere that existed at that time on the set. I could say: "Well, let all those extra people will come." And unconditionally. It was like a scene: I'm in a dance Zaprygivayem on the window ledge, tearing clothes. So took during filming in the room - everything was fine. But then the same scene had to shoot from the outside. That's the whole team, and I'm in a window inside. That's when all were glad that in the next house, was on the second floor of the police station ... I must say, I was just by what happens stunned. But I am convinced that the topless scene is quite small, only a few seconds. I believe him. And after a while they gave me to see the promo video, and there's so much air time! In detail! And even bigger and better, and far away, and to the utmost, and the general plan - a lot. The question of "Morning", whether it was psychologically difficult to undress in the frame, reflecting Alice: -: with no children, while I was still slim and beautiful reeds, I undress me better In fact, I have a serious argument a minimum of himself now. Boris Grebenshikov long not to talk about his daughter: - The fact that I have a father, not a long time, no one in this world knows.

DVD published on the history of the "Aquarium" album Radio Silence

Label "Branch Exit" on the DVD movie releases "BG. The Long Way Home" (2 DVD). Long Way Home movie scenes depicted on the album Radio Silence - organizational, bureaucratic and reportage, road, family and household, culture and civilization, studio, technical and dress rehearsal and concert. BG came out of the adventure, as he did not expect to like the movie is encrypted, sometimes convoluted narrative. And for those who want to know everything, this film tells the story of bright days, when the world as we knew it came to an end. The film was shot in Leningrad, Moscow, New York, Montreal, London, Los Angeles and was part of the campaign, the album, the Western audience, explain hidden under the black cover album Radio Silence with painted eyes, diamonds. Output was ahead of two maxi-singles Radio Silence and the postcard, and after there was a promotional record Interchords, and not to sell to them, in addition to a few songs from the album, BG answers to stupid questions about the meaning of life about the Russian-ness of rock, comes from the radio DJs could talk to the hero, as a living. Circulation of the film was released in the U.S. on VHS, then turn over to Japan for a large LD with subtitles and on this his fate. BG c CBS contract soon enough, the second album was not planned was held (the demo version was distributed among fans over the years and is on the CD entitled "Radio London" implemented) and by the early 90's almost nothing them to remember period aquarium history.

Boris Grebenshikov worked shovel

Relating to the construction of churches in the park at the Prince Vladimir Cathedral in St. Petersburg scandal. Residents of neighboring houses were heavily against other "sealing of buildings." The action "Green Wave" was visited by the writer Mikhail Veller, musician Michael Nowicki and Boris Grebenshikov. Accusations were made in the planting of trees, the church members had tried to prevent. When passions ran high, BG tried to beat, but he skillfully defended himself with a shovel. Then he pulled the tree out of the ground, but the celebrities showed stubbornness, and it was a seedling in force. Came out of the cathedral rector Archpriest Vladimir Sorokin has entered into negotiations with Michael Weller and businesses. Nervous gestures, the priest explained that the land was originally the church belonged to the cathedral in the XVIII century. Cathedral, the building needs for Sunday school and other areas, and if he does not build the area of 2.5 thousand square meters have access for the construction company. On-site office park with a large hall, a hotel for pilgrims, Sunday school, library, dining room and parking for the cathedral to be built. However, two buildings reaching a height of 20 m and 10 m, which does not fit the "green". They would like to see a vacant lot was created and is a place for walking. Some people may not know that the view from the window to lose "prestige": increase 4-storey school building obscuring the cathedral and the "view of the church" always the price.

"Aquarium", a contest video clips for the songs

Music Video Art Festival "Aploud", the aquarium (and many other groups) involved, gives everyone a chance to express their vision of the band's songs. Register and fill out a special form of contract on the website, you can download the video and a soundtrack provided by the aquarium, and then use them, shot and edited the video. You can download the video and soundtrack provided by the aquarium download, and then to remove them and install a video of the festival winners are determined by the results of online and SMS voting, jury (- on the site details) can be determined. In return, the Aquarium of the best award-winning author of "their" music videos with special prizes: First prize: "Aquarium Anthology." - A collection of 20 CDs autographed Boris Grebenshikov grand prize: a proposal to make a video in collaboration with the group.

BG sang excerpts from the "Book of Songs"

First December at B2 Club hosted the first Winter Concert Boris Grebenshikov and the group "Aquarium", also connected to the output of the "Book of Songs" dedicated BG. Despite the fact that the name of the program presentation purely literary character, and many anticipated masterpiece of Russian rock, reading his own poems from the scene was anything more than trivial. BG prefer to concentrate on the musical component, so. Literary delights for other concert halls and dormitories BG rather on the musical component B2 there was pure rock 'n' roll atmosphere concentrate. Fine cast of musicians, well-regulated light and spirited Grebenshchikov fissile thoughtful vibrations burning incense on the stage. Guru forced to dip into their own inner world of the first chords. In glasses, satin vest over a white shirt, with a long gray beard like a wise old man BG, thrilled his flock riotous rock 'n' roll past and a keen eye for faces fissile present. Folded his hands in the shape of a lotus flower, Boris slowly bowed audience after each performance of the composition. But Russia also in such a pompous demeanor rock guru remained very natural. And fans have been accustomed to such eccentricities of his idol. BG and the audience rewarded not only Buddhist gesture of gratitude and appreciation, but the room and blew a real rock 'n' roll drive. The program included a new acoustic ballads and muscular guitar riffs with hard numbers, where Boris and then moved to gasp.

"Aquarium" celebrates 350th Birthday

The new year will be for the group "Aquarium" of the celebration of the 350th Anniversary (the musicians insist on compulsory use of the anniversary of Os) must be selected. In April, the anniversary concerts in St. Petersburg is held, and in the early summer - in Moscow. As I said, the Intermedia Group Director Maxim country's "Aquarium" are going to conduct an experiment and give a solo album in SC "Olympic". Approximate date - 20 or 21 June. The new year will be for the group "Aquarium" of the celebration of the 350th Anniversary throughout the year highlighted in the concert program "Aquarium" is a focal point for an anniversary stay - especially in the play list will be entered for a group of iconic songs from different years. Also planned a series of commemorative versions, including a collector's edition "Book of Songs" and about five CDs of rare recordings. The light of several DVD - both archival and fresh documentary about "Aquarium". Expected and several shows in the genre of Boris Grebenshikov photo art. "In short, the concentration of events in 2007 will be higher than in a normal year."

Boris Grebenshikov political statement

A famous Russian rock musician, leader of the "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshikov signed new petition in defense of the rights and freedoms. Boris Grebenshikov letters demanding Barnaul build a shelter for women victims of domestic violence, political prisoners in Belarus and cyber-dissidents in Vietnam to solve, as well as a petition for the abolition of the U.S. "On the military commissions" and the name of public to make those held at Guantanamo. Boris Grebenshikov to right a letter to Amnesty International rock musicians to assist these people. "Arts for Human Rights' work with Amnesty International as part of the campaign Boris Grebenshikov interacts with Amnesty International since 2003. BG supports the campaign "weapons - under control", the President of Uzbekistan signed a petition in defense of political prisoners in Belarus, took part in a press conference Amnesty International in Moscow. The "Art of Human Rights" is designed to attract and concentrate famous musicians, artists, writers, journalists, artists on the problems facing the world's largest human rights organization Amnesty International.

BG says: "Arigato!"

The association "Orange" BG last spoke six months. Now he returns with a new program, "Arigato", which in Japanese means roughly THANKS - short, informal form of gratitude, lack of the Boris Borisovich hardly suffered. Aquarium Group -. A living legend not only Russian rock, but the whole Russian music the last 20 years Tamarisk and the company at the beginning of his musical activities were separated from their rock counterparts: they multiinstrumentalny unexpectedly lyrical composition and for the Soviet Rock'n'Roll texts always on the unusual nature of their position in the world of Russian rock. Aquarium - Arigato Boris Grebenshikov long taken the place of the guru of contemporary music, has become a cult figure in modern art. His songs were the soundtrack for the avant-garde films, uses music Aquarium most unexpected for rock composition, text Grebenshikov filled with mysterious Buddhist symbolism. After undergoing surgery in the past year in the eye gradually Boris Grebenshikov back concert tempo and returned to touring. During treatment, many shows were canceled or postponed. Lecture: "Arigato" is set to "orange" on 25 January. Probably there will be another milestone in the work of both the musician and record the concert club, for two identical concerts "Aquarium" Historians have not yet seen. 25th January, "orange", 20.00.

"Aquarium" is "Arigato" Theater

21st February in the Chekhov Art Theater. Bitter is a new group called "Aquarium" Premiere "Arigato." The "Aquarium" today - is undoubtedly a living legend in the music. Interchangeable Team Leader - Boris Grebenshikov is considered a "patriarch of Russian rock." Abbreviation BG - a big secret - a mythological person, the genius who created hundreds of songs and compositions of light, combines the creative tandem brightest creative people. The composition of the "City of Gold" - an anthem generations. Phrase "In every woman should be a snake," "Beauty .. has never been easy", etc. - Has aforizmami.Poeziya in which the text of the Silver Age, Music Unites, rock-music tradition and experimentation wold, and a involved galaxy of talented musicians and participate in the "Aquarium" is a cult, the whole history of music for decades! Touring Schedule "Aquarium" for the near future is as follows: 17.02 to 18.02 Barnaul - Novosibirsk from 21.02 to 23.02 Moscow - St. Petersburg 17.03 - Ufa 20.03 - 21.03 Magnitogorsk - Chelyabinsk 22.03 - 23.03 Ekaterinburg - Ekaterinburg (Club) 25.03 - 27.03 to 28.03 Perm, Izhevsk - Vyatka 21st MAT February, 19.00.

Concert "Aquarium" visited priest

21st February in Moscow Art Theatre. Bitter Boris Grebenshikov again thanked the audience originally - this time in Japan, the musicians present "Aquarium" a new concert program titled "Arigato." The performance of the group began with the energetic song "bread" that the musicians immediately made clear, the audience that. Despite the intimacy concert stage, she decided to give all-electric concert in the theater But even cancel on slow acoustic tracks only the skill level of the musicians and the way up, "Aquarium" emphasizes professional. However, it was clear that pre-BG worked any room to customize the site and even picked up some of the building blocks of the program. In the first block sounding folk number "Aquarium" with an emphasis on the Irish folk song, which have in recent years, a musicians' collective weakness. Very fresh and powerfully expressed song "Dead men do not sleep." It turned into a daring pirate march against waving the black flag with a skull and crossbones decorated, minimalist performance of the group. In the first block sounding folk number "Aquarium" with an emphasis on the Irish folk song Boris then adjusted his glasses, turned to the audience with the question of what to play next. Unexpected offer of the hall flew up to perform a rap version. What BG joked that then do nothing but play "folkneorep" and followed immediately become new classics "Aquarium" song "Glass".

BG: Rock - is when the people on stage for over 60 years and actively reduce "grandmother"

Cult leader of the rock group "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshikov a concert in the hall of the UN headquarters in New York, at the end of the song premiere staging. "This is something that no one ever heard of, I do not know, as I mentioned before, probably." Falcon "- said Grebenshikov reporters after a half hour concert on Wednesday night, he noted that the United Nations was never Cult Leader .. Rock Band" Aquarium "Boris Grebenshikov a concert in the hall of the UN headquarters in New York concert on the blue flag of the meditation began with a minute of the musician and his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, to prescribe the most incredible ability to RIA Novosti. Grebenshikov to New York, especially in the circle of friends was the 74th birthday of his guru, the it is the name of Purushottama, followed literally in Sanskrit, "goes beyond the limits." Better at home known as B, he gave a concert as the man to bridge gaps between different cultures and attitudes. shaved, with a beard, a ponytail woven at the end, dressed in a khaki jacket, Grebenshchikov occasionally receive blessing from the guru who made before all Sat on a separate chair. "I treat him with great respect and great love. From him comes the power of wisdom and light. We met six years ago, and I met the man who helped me to wash stamp. In my brain dies - as the Lubyanka ", - joked the newly published Purushottam, who in his search for love esoteric pilgrimage to India.

Monday, November 26, 2012

BG compared with Trachtenberg

Sunday hall ODL capacity in Samara was packed. Listen to the songs of Boris Grebenshikov came people of all ages - and older people and teenagers. Boris looked elegant - a white shirt, red vest and glasses of colored glass. Some viewers immediately causes along with other cultural workers how to build Grebenshikov. Boris looked elegant - a white shirt, red vest and glasses of colored glass - look, BG mows under Trachtenberg! - Whispered to the audience. - Only red beard. A pirate flag - The stage was decorated with a large banner with painted it "Jolly Roger". Skull with a bandage over his eyes and crossbones flying menacingly behind Grebenshchikov. Some have suggested that the skull was a sign promoting the Pirates, with whom, as we know, BG relationship quite liberal. - I support the producers of pirated audio products - BG has stated repeatedly during his many interviews. - Without them, people would be without music. Therefore, I have to thank the Lord for the Pirates. In the course of the concert hall was filled with incense. However, some say inhaled incense, so I had to jump in the lobby for fresh air, "KP-Samara". - Damn, I can not breathe! - Complained about the girl. - What kind of Indian flavors? In the middle of the concert made Grebenshikov guitar and stood behind the keys. While he played an instrumental piece, treated to remove the keyboard player Boris Rubekin candy stalls.

Audiobooks are on the group "Aquarium"

2SD "History of the Aquarium flutist book." - A new and unique project of CD-Com. For the first time in Russia in a tape released audio book and MP3 music collection. First canonical text on the history of the most famous rock bands of the country goes on audiobook. "History" Aquarium "Flutist Book." - The first book about the legendary group "Aquarium" from the inside say. Author Dyusha Romanov - the legendary flutist and keyboardist "golden composition" of the famous group "Aquarium", playing in the group of nearly 20 years. In track and entertaining way, the book, the story of the "Aquarium" told on the stage and off the track in a fascinating way, the book tells the story of the "Aquarium" on stage and off. Musical setting of the book - classic hits "aquarium" in the processing of the author and his own instrumental music. Dyusha Romanov died in St. Petersburg 29th June 2000 during a solo concert at the movies "Spartacus". The second disc - a unique collection of 10 solo albums Dyushi Romanov - also published for the first time. Also included in the disc tribute Dyushe Romanov - "My boyfriend is a musician" - with cover versions of his songs that made the band DDT, Alice, spleen, Czyz, Vyacheslav Butusov, Andrei Makarevich, Boris Grebenshikov and other famous Russian rock musicians. 16-page booklet includes original illustrations and detailed comments on all the albums, and audio books.

"Aquarium" will be a great concert at the "Point"

Group "Aquarium" today - is undoubtedly a living legend in the music. 13th April musicians give big solo concert at the "point." Team Leader - Boris Grebenshikov - poet, composer, musician, philosopher, they can be rightly called "patriarch of Russian rock". He was one of the first in the USSR began to play rock 'n' roll and has a great reputation for experiments in music and poetry. BG is capable of Eastern philosophy and traditional Russian themes combine in such diverse musical tradition as classic, Tibetan and Celtic motifs, as well as reggae. Group "Aquarium" to "Point" is BG songs written in the last decades one way or another, find their place in the concert programs, to make as many fans on a journey through time and space. At the same time, the band "Aquarium" is not silent, and live material varies greatly by. A new, fresh product, coexist successfully with the masterpieces of the past Concert "Aquarium" - is always an event, especially for the unique atmosphere that invariably builds performances of Boris Grebenshikov and his colleagues. Mystic and positive, eastern exoticism and African-American rhythms, electronic rock and acoustic - these are all elements of the concert group, whose work as a whole is able to provide a person a lot of positive emotions and happy for a long time to get him . make April 13, "point", 22.30.

Boris Grebenshikov Puroshottama now

Because from now on, and he did not Boris and Puroshottama. This name literally means "one who goes beyond all limits", Russian musician was his spiritual mentor. Under a new name in May Grebenshikov give a free concert in London's Royal Albert Hall five-thousanders. Boris Grebenshikov aka Puroshottama spodvig BG for a similar move by Indian philosopher Sri Chinmoy, who has lived in the United States and is not only a thinker, but as a person, for the enlightenment, the ride known many famous musicians. It was he who gave the name of Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, Devadip - Carlos Santana, Turia - Alice Coltrane. Now received Boris Grebenshikov, ie Puroshottama similar honors. By the way, Boris Grebenshikov is not new to the conditions of the spiritual quest in esoteric philosophical and spiritual theories, wrote, "MK". Our passionate musician and Chinese sacred books and orthodoxy, and Buddhism. And even at the time some basic books on Buddhism translated.

Boris Grebenshikov realized dream

Legendary Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshikov and his group "Aquarium" on Monday night played in the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. The concert lasted nearly three hours. Sam, 53, Grebenshikov, who often wrote his own songs and performed in London, gave the journalists before the performance that the play at the Royal Albert Hall was his dream. On this page, in different years were famous classical musicians and modern rock star - Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Sting, Paul McCartney and many others. Speech before filling more than half a hall for 5500 places can viewed as a success-filled speech before more than half the audience of 5,500 seats can be considered a success, as the Albert Hall is not always possible to the seats at concerts abroad fill musicians who are not widely known in the UK. Perhaps by the fact that the tickets for the concert were distributed free of charge and by appointment helped. Most of those who came to the concert were raznolikuyu Russian-speaking community in Britain, but in the hall and there were many British and people from other countries, according to RIA Novosti. Organizing a concert in London on taking a famous Indian philosopher, poet and composer Sri Chinmoy, the Grebenshikov met last year during a trip to Malaysia. It is fond of Eastern philosophy Grebenshikov quickly good relations with Sri Chinmoy and he received his spiritual name "Purushottam" which means "soul-bird in a heart-sky."

"Aquarium" celebrated its 350th Birthday ...

Boris Grebenshikov always good in fiction. In the sports complex "Olympic" he again showed a skillful magician and forger of rock 'n' roll, the audience by surprise with unexpected focus - 350-year anniversary of their own group. But in fact, the metaphysics is easily explained this time, if you listen to the song "Aquarium". Everyone is like "out of time" composed. The lyrical hero Grebenshikov visited this ancient Rus, the medieval Ireland, suddenly enter into the spirit of the ancient East, rastaman and then dance to the rhythms of Jamaica. And everywhere this character feels like a fish in water. Fish that are all trying to escape from his "Aquarium" ... lyrical hero Grebenshikov visits ancient Rus, the medieval Ireland, suddenly imbued with the spirit of the ancient Orient, and then dance to the rhythms of Jamaica rastaman is probably why today the group Grebenshikov presented in the "Olympic" bears little resemblance to the composition of two decades, I'm sorry, two hundred years ago. But the leaders of the "Aquarium" seem quite pleased with how the internal state, and the balance of power in the team. BG attenuated not think the hall is filled with a little more than half. Musicians "Aquarium" has long since passed into the category of "academic" artists, and by and large prefer acoustic platforms such as Moscow Art Theatre. Gorky. Boris hovers over our vanity of vanities, all types makes it clear that he sold out, and in principle do not need it, poshuchivaya, but that "glad to talk in such a big house."

Boris Grebenshikov has not gather to not be afraid of "Olympic" ""

Press the head of the "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshikov anniversary concert dedicated to the SC "Olympic" on 8 Will take place in June, has been in the club "B-2" on 1 June. On this day, the artist has a different reason for the meeting with the journalists - in "Videogurman", a documentary about the group "Aquarium Tour.". To remove the tape, the team went three weeks with the musicians of the country recorded everything that went on tour. There was at the press conference, and without the traditional "philosophical" questions about the general director of "Videogurmana" Maxim Matuszewski who attended the press conference, they wanted to "debunk" with the band. "Now we know what a monster in the guise of this good man lives smiling", - joked Mr. Matuszewski saw Boris Grebenshikov. The leader of the "Aquarium", which is in the preparation of this documentation, he surprised that the team was not shy about musicians. "I thought they were going to stop us, but it was not, - said Intermedia musicians -. Revolved All the time, we have to be ourselves we do their work -. They are their own, and it was very harmonious." Boris himself was not only the hero movies, but her producer. Shared his impressions of the production work, were artists that work with "Videogurmanom" was "very professional and convenient." Aquarium "you are satisfied already with the Spirit", "- said Mr. Grebenshikov - and my goal was to put just about trivia, movie game, what we represent."

Boris Grebenshikov translated ancient sacred books of India

On the eve of the 35th Anniversary of the "Aquarium" Publishing "Open World" is preparing for a series of books of spiritual and esoteric direction to release the translation of Boris Grebenshikov. By Intermedia, in a number of publications, even one of the oldest scriptures of India have "Kathaupanishady."

BG is presented with a special gift

BG is the fans have an acoustic guitar with a built-in hand-made, the hood of her car VAZ-2,101th Unusual gift handed musicians on tour in Togliatti wife Ludmila and Alex Erofeev. Unusual gift handed musicians on tour in Togliatti - We have long wanted to meet our idol and prepared him this gift, - says "TD" Lyudmila. - This guitar with a disk-shaped resonator we have made with your own hands, copying the American National Instrument "good." Picking up the guitar, it voted Boris and then enough of a tune from his repertoire.

Boris Grebenshikov show in Moscow "Infra Petersburg"

In early June 2007 in the Gallery of Elena Vrublevskaya on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard opened an extraordinary exhibition. His photographs feature famous musician, leader of the "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshikov. The exhibition includes photos from the series "Infra Petersburg." Exhibition for the 35th Grebenshikov anniversary of creative activity and the group "Aquarium" dedicated lasts for two months during the summer - from 1 June to 28 July. There are many tools on how to do the actual music in the 80s. In the model homes on the outskirts of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities to play concerts and recordings. In the course of the same household were tape recorders and acoustic guitars. To create improvised means, what was a huge music fans and is a really interesting and useful. In the middle of it all was Boris Grebenshikov - education is not a musician, mathematician. The exhibition includes photos from the series "Infra Petersburg" But history tends to repeat itself. Already an artist BG experiments in photography. The means at hand: laity, computer software Photoshop. Those who saw this work at the "Extraordinary Concert" unanimously to a particular kind of magic that comes from them, and speak a unique perspective on the usual place for the inhabitants of the capital. It is no coincidence that the exhibition in BG Elena Vrublevskaya gallery instead. Grebenshikov actively supported and participated in the festival, "Tibet. Tradition. Art Philosophy" in 2004 and 2005.

Boris Grebenshikov: "I rejected the role of Jesus Christ!"

At a meeting with journalists Grebenshikov came in a rented white "Lincoln." Politely said hello to everyone and charged the current exceptional relaxation. For many years, the rock legend enjoys philosophy and even friendship with the famous Indian philosopher, poet and composer Sri Chinmoy received from those in the past year, his new spiritual name - Purushottama, which means Purushottam We "soul bird in the heart of the sky." also played at weddings - Boris, on Sunday you have time to give a concert in Kiev club, asks, "KP-Kyiv". Do you like to play in places where it's not a huge audience? - The Pub always play nice. I would say that in general the group was created to play in pubs. - Yes, but you are at the beginning of career singing in restaurants. This is something other than a pub ... - When we sing in restaurants, were the people who had the misfortune to be there, to the fact that we played set. We had no music for fun. Not the music that is easy to chew. We also played at weddings. For this reason, had some bad guests leave the room. Even at his own wedding, I played. "Leningrad" I do not like - you are in a bad mood? What requirements do you have for the organizers? - The main thing is that a bottle of mineral water was. That's all. Also internet access is not required, although desirable. I'm not picky. And of course, technical rider. With it you can see on my website. - And you are an active presence on the Internet?

Sergei died suddenly Schurakov (Ex-Aquarium, Pop Mechanics)

Tonight, 6-7 August, 47, died leader of the "Vermicelli Orchestra" (Vermicelli Orchestra) accordionist Sergei Schurakov. He is widely known for his active participation in the working group "Aquarium" and "Pop-Mechanics" known. As it was known death was about three in the morning on the 7th clock August in a hospital emergency room, the Institute of St. Petersburg. Sergei Schurakov it was a week ago with the diagnosis of acute appendicitis gangrenichesky, he underwent a successful surgery urgently. The case went to recovery, family members wanted to take him home. But on Sunday opened the musicians ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer, and on Monday, he underwent a second surgery. However, as a result of the operation, he had a pulmonary edema in acute form, the air can not flow more in the lung tissue, and the musician died. Probably after guitarist "Vermicelli Orchestra" Ilya Rozovsky musicians on 9 August Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg buried on Thursday. The funeral will take place on about 12 clock. Sergey Sergey Schurakov Schurakov - composer, musician, one of the brightest representatives of the once underground, and now modern music culture - was born in 1960 in Leningrad. Learned to play the accordion and the first track in the Music School and then at the music school. Mussorgsky. He worked in various orchestras in Lenkontserte, teaches at the School of Music, was concertmaster at the music school. Mussorgsky and the Institute of Culture. Sergei Schurakov first appeared in the aquarium on the album "Equinox" (1987), and soon began gigs (accordion, mandolin, piano).

BG gave his jacket from St. Petersburg homeless

The other day in St. Petersburg club "Place" was a benefit concert of Russian rock music legend Boris Grebenshikov. Impressed by the luxury of the famous Royal Albert Hall in London, where he performed with the band in May, he thought about the St. Petersburg homeless. The organizer - City Charitable Foundation "Flophouse" tutelary homeless clochard Northern Capital. Such shares are held for the benefit of the underprivileged not the first time Boris Grebenshikov helps homeless, as they played the leader of the "Aquarium" more than ten songs, the audience was enthusiastic. BG himself said on the night: "It is a pity that today, in our present conditional event is not the people for whom we make today, well, nothing, we have come yet." After Grebenshikov, helping people in need - because it is quite a common thing. The highlight of the evening was the auction. Were put up for auction from the hip complicated plaid jacket BG, which was to be auctioned for 10,000 rubles, and the ball team "Zenith" autographed football shot put. Collecting donations from guests (representatives from restaurants, beauty salons, fashion houses, design studios) went to the city's homeless to help. Alain Ryabova, St. Petersburg, photo of the author.

Colleagues to honor the memory of Sergei Schurakove concert

Leader of the "Vermicelli Orchestra" (Vermicelli Orchestra), former accordionist of "Aquarium" by Sergei Schurakova today buried in the. Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg Recall Sergei Schurakov died 7th August in a hospital emergency room, the Research Institute of St. Petersburg due to complications after surgery. The musician was 47 years old. Counterpart Sergey Schurakova the group "Vermicelli Orcestra" play a concert in memory musicians. In the scene, the orchestra is under the name "Byzantine" to be released. Was the name of the staff before the arrival of Sergei Schurakova. The concert takes place on 13 October to take in St. Petersburg.

"Aquarium" not in a hurry back to the stage

Group "Aquarium" is currently on vacation. The new concert season is to begin in the fall, but no specific dates have yet to be announced. By Intermedia, in September, a group leader Boris Grebenshikov planned several trips abroad for personal reasons - so that the creative team affairs unlikely to return until mid-autumn.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Aquarium" to give concert for Indian audience

Group "Aquarium" in March to participate in the cultural program "Days of Russia in India." During the visit, the team will give two or three concerts for the Indian audience. In February, the band will go on a tour in Israel, according to Intermedia. Travel program not on the Russian cities next year formed, but it is known that the first half or the "Aquarium" is on tour. But New Year's Eve party has not always been. Christmas Vacation musicians use for family vacations and trips.

Boris Grebenshikov to sing for the UN officials

Head of the "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshikov speak today in the auditorium of the UN headquarters in New York. The concert is not known, but the meeting will be the intimate nature, as in the audience of 170 people. Tamarisk is a concert, as the man to bridge gaps between different cultures and attitudes. In the announcement of the daily routine UN Grebenshikov presented as Purushottam presented The announcement routine UN singer Purushottam. It is a spiritual name, musician teacher Sri Chinmoy is translated from Sanskrit as "beyond borders" - RIA "Novosti". Boris Grebenshikov was born 27 November 1953 in Leningrad. In 1972 he formed the band "Aquarium" and was for 35 years the undisputed leader.

Boris Grebenshikov in private practice

The musicians of the "Aquarium" came out of the holiday, but has not yet started to work. Starting in September, the team is just a show planned in October and team leader Boris Grebenshikov performed twice in Prague. The first concert is expected to be audible, the second by the mantra, accompanied by Czech musicians are performed. "It's more that I say private practice Boris - said Intermedia director of Maxim country -. Maybe he is in Prague and some of the" Aquarium "to take, but it is not known to them." 29th August BG longer spoke in New York at the United Nations and a few days in America. After the return of Mr. Grebenshikov and plans for "Aquarium" for the coming season are laid. "Aquarium" in September. 15 - Balaklava, the yacht club "Golden Icon." October (Czech Republic). 11 - Prague, Gallery of Modern Art "Manes" recital Boris Grebenshikov. 13 - Prague, National House of Vinohrady, a solo concert of Boris Grebenshikov.

BG: "All I want to say, I say in the song"

We are used to the fact that the benefits of the popular singers, musicians and actors of the electoral campaigns of almost all parties. - Boris, in October there was a lot of buzz around the two letters of intelligence. A plea to President Putin to stay for a second term, and the second - the answer to the "four-letter" in which the author says that the President should not do that. In your opinion, should the actors, musicians, artists, writers talk about their political likes and dislikes? - I have not heard about these letters - we have recently returned from four shows in Germany and left for Siberia - says Grebenshikov "News". - I am a musician, a man who writes and sings songs. - But it turns out that the first group of writers refer to the Constitution ... And what can I say? - And if intelligence interfere in politics or they should stay away? - Well, you see, that happened outside of the car with a broken wheel and the duty of every person, not just intellectuals, show the driver that the wheel was something wrong. One of the purposes of intelligence, when I remember the history of Russia - is to make a fuss when something is wrong. - And now it? No need to make a revolt? - Well ... I make my personal views about the things in the country last go, say, to express 10 years. This view is more or less often, because I spend most of their time in the capital, and in Russia. Itself at least somewhere on the outskirts of Russia, where they say they

"Aquarium" climbs London concert

Completed installation of audio and video concert of the "Aquarium", on 21 May in London's Royal Albert Hall. Work on the DVD is also said in London and Director of Intermedia: "Aquarium" Maxim land, interest in the product already show some Western TV producers. "Aquarium" is planning a new album with the working title "Pushkinskaya 10" projected collective release CD and DVD will be held in December. Who spend CDs in Russia is still unknown, "Yes, it does not matter - said Mr. Lande -. Now publish all easy A much more important question -. Who will sell." In February or March, plans to "Aquarium" to release a new album with the working title "Pushkinskaya 10". "This title - an analog Beatles" Abbey Road ": 10 Pushkinskaya - the address of our arts center, studio and rehearsal - says Max - In general, this is a club that is based a couple of teams." On the disk are not the latest, but still unreleased recordings songs. Some of them live, some are not. "Accumulate enough material that was created in the new century, but not to make each album." Currently Boris Grebenshikov in Prague, where he had planned two concerts with the power of the mantra: "The Czech Republic is very popular album" Sanctuary "and BG is primarily known as a performer of mantras - the song" Aquarium "they know less." And on 17 October on tour of "Aquarium" to begin in Russian cities.

BG is presented with a cow

Legendary rocker Boris Grebenshchikov was a wooden Indian cow - a talisman of love. From the mystical presentations BG was a real pleasure. - Oh! Yes, they also udder is nominated! - Fortunately called singers. - This piggy bank, right? Lipetsk fan nodded. - It's not just exotic piggy bank, but also an ancient talisman of love and fertility, - she said. - It's a sign: If the "love cows" someone, then that person is in the family, or the conclusion of the big changes in life. - I think the changes have already taken place - away knitted singer. - From now on I will - soon!

Engineer "Aquarium" to prepare for the surgery

Friend Boris Grebenshikov, tone "Aquarium" Dokshin Alexander, was taken to a hospital for "fast." Alexander recently injured knee, found out his temporary absence in the "TD". Excruciating pain prevents Dokshinu rest, and the musicians had to call the paramedics. Doctors "fast", examined the patient and decided that it is time to prepare for the operation. At the hospital, visited 48-year-old musician trauma, Alexander advised at the Department of Orthopaedics for further study go.

BG: I'm interested in the unknown people!

Boris Grebenshikov - one of the few people who have had an enormous influence on the national culture 80-90-ies of the last century. The legacy of the aquarium, and the figure of Boris Borisovich, can be treated in several ways, but in each case it is necessary to consider its authority. Many people still refer to him as a guru (teacher). He is one of the few people who know only initials - BG. this time decided not to talk to Grebenshikov on music and culture. We brought a gift - a book "Zohar," and struck a conversation with a question that would discourage any person: - What do you mean by "spirituality"? - I do not pronounce the words and do not know what it is. Usually, unfortunately in our country and abroad, with the word "spirituality" is used by older and moderately prosperous people, especially women who want to justify their existence. I understand, but if you separate the "spirituality" of the material, we are led to an absurd situation. This is how the Church: God is here, and here it is not. Spirituality is here, but here it is not. The people lived a long time, not knowing what is spiritual. And once they doryvayutsya before, they say, will pay $ 20 and here is a spirituality for just $ 20. They are willing to pay with a cry: "Now we are spiritually are". - Indulgence? - Yes, that's all. But the thing without the spirit is dead. Matter, without the spirit is dead - once in the interview you said that it was important not treasures in heaven, on earth. What does the sky, what is it? - I quoted the famous book ...